Title Cubix: Robots For Everyone: Race N Robots
Publisher  Acclaim
Genre Adventure
Total Disks 1
Game Mode Single-Player
Platform PlayStation 1
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Racing and robots combine in CUBIX: Robots For Everyone -- Race 'N Robots, a racing game based on the animated series and featuring Cubix, Don Don, Maximix, and other robotic characters from Bubble Town. Players can choose to race against other robots in Story mode or go head-to-head in the two-player Versus mode. With typical racing game components like hazards and power-ups, it's a race to the finish line on Bubble Town's tracks. May the best robot win. Story mode tells a Cubix story of the evil Dr. K that unfolds through a series of video clips, each followed by a new race. Be the first robot to cross the finish line and new tracks will be unlocked, and also made available for play in Versus mode. Points are earned for winning a race and can be used in the Botties Pit to purchase upgrades, like Nitro Scoop for improving agility and Grav-Grip for extra traction. New robots also become available after a few consecutive wins. Versus mode works differently than in typical racing games, as there is no split screen and no tracking map icon. Each racer begins with four points that can be lost by falling too far behind. Once all four points are gone, the player is out of the race. The first robot to cross the finish line or the last robot left in the race is the winner. Track selection for Versus mode is determined by the tracks that became available during Story mode, and no upgrades can be made in Versus mode. To slow a racer down, crushers smash the robots from above and rams smash them from the side. Pits and water and oil slicks are other hazards, and players must also watch out for non-racing vehicles on the streets of Bubble Town. Tracks also feature speed strips for temporary acceleration and speed zaps that slow racers down. Power-ups, including a five-second Mega Horn, shields, and missiles are scattered around the tracks for the taking.

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